I’m a dental hygienist and you’ve been using your electric toothbrush all wrong – it’s actually causing you problems

A DENTAL hygienist has shared particularly how you really should be brushing your teeth with an electrical toothbrush. 

Just after observing time and time once more how normally people today thoroughly clean their tooth the completely wrong way, Krysta has taken it on herself to explain how to do it the good way. 


A dental hygienist has exposed the genuine way in which you should brush your toothCredit score: TikTok/krystaroseheath
Krysta said you should use an electric toothbrush and place it on teeth at a 45 degree angle


Krysta claimed you should really use an electric powered toothbrush and position it on teeth at a 45 degree angleCredit rating: TikTok/krystaroseheath
Krysta warned people not to scrub their teeth


Krysta warned folks not to scrub their teethCredit score: TikTok/krystaroseheath

“I’m a registered dental hygienist, so I have street cred in this certain field,” she spelled out ahead of launching into her move-by-stage guideline.

“So several people today use their electric powered toothbrush like it is a manual toothbrush and they can do a lot more damage than superior, so I’m heading to display you a uncomplicated way to brush your tooth and it’ll improve everything,” she went on. 

Contacting the Oral B iO the “Ferrari of toothbrushes”, she told viewers to place their desired brand name of electric powered toothbrush at a 45 diploma angle towards the gums. 

“What you are going to do is you are heading to break up your mouth up into 4,” she ongoing. “So I use upper right, higher remaining, lower appropriate, reduced remaining. You get the gist. 

“I get started on my again molar. If you simply cannot get all the way back again there simply, you close down your mouth a small little bit and your cheek will go out slightly. 

“So when your toothbrush is precise, you are going to drag it along just about every tooth. You are likely to go it from tooth to tooth.” 

TikTok person @krystaroseheath then instructed viewers to place the toothbrush on the inside of of their mouth to do the other aspect. 

“Most people do not aim on the inside of their enamel. Do this additional than the outside. Have confidence in me, your hygienist will thank you,” she shared. 

“And then you are likely to do your chewing surfaces,” she went on, placing the toothbrush flat versus the base and tops of her teeth. 

Summarising what she needs people to do, she said: “So it’s going to be on the outside, the inside and the chewing surfaces on each and every quadrant for two minutes. So 30 seconds for each location.

“If you do that, your teeth are likely to be so a lot cleaner. Make sure you do not scrub with your toothbrush, you are not cleansing grout.

“Lastly, I’m heading to throw this a person in for totally free, if you rinse your mouth with water right after brushing your tooth, you’ve just missing all of the positive aspects of the toothpaste…” 

People ended up rapid to praise Krysta on her enlightening clip as just one man or woman wrote: “I’m so happy you did this video. Nearly anyone I have viewed use an electrical toothbrush employs it incorrect!”

Another mentioned: “They need to educate little ones in university how to appropriately brush. I did it completely wrong this entire time! I often rinsed with water!” 

Though a 3rd additional: “glad to know I’ve been accomplishing all of these points the past 8-9 many years given that receiving my electric powered toothbrush”. [sic]

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