Weight loss: GP shares common reasons you’re not losing weight – and what to do next

Lots of start a fat loss journey and see encouraging success, but after some time, pounds reduction can reach a plateau. GP and Scientific Engineering Lead at LloydsPharmacy On the net Physician, Dr Sameer Sanghvi clarifies the widespread causes you’re not losing bodyweight and the healthy lifestyle changes you can make to inspire weight loss achievement this calendar year. 

1. Feeding on far too numerous calories 

“Weight reduction all boils down to calories,” Dr Sameer claimed. “Essentially, getting rid of pounds relies upon on ingesting and drinking considerably less calories than we use up.

“The NHS recommended day-to-day calorie intake for the ordinary particular person is 2,000 calories for gals and 2,500 calories for guys. 

“If you are seeking to get rid of excess weight, you must goal to minimize your calorie consumption by about 600 calories. That means 1,400 energy for women and 1,900 for adult men – despite the fact that it is dependent on components like your age, size and amount of exercise. 

“To preserve keep track of of energy, you can weigh the portions you are obtaining, check out the labels on store-bought meals, and record what you take in in a food diary. 

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2. Skipping foods or ‘yo-yo’ dieting 

“Crash diets also recognised as yo-yo diets. Though well-known, they almost never outcome in weight decline,” Dr Sameer described. “In fact they are probably to close in prolonged expression fat get.

“Skipping foods or feeding on the bare minimum places our bodies into ‘self-defence mode’, resulting in the fat burning capacity slowing down. When you at some point go back again to taking in normally, it usually takes for a longer time to burn off food items.”

 “Also, you’re missing out on crucial nutrients, it could outcome in you emotion minimal on electricity. This can set off cravings for significant-fats and substantial-sugar food items. It’s a slippery slope – even if crash dieting works briefly, it’s exceptionally unhealthy.”

3. Not consuming sufficient water 

Dr Sameer stated: “Not drinking adequate water is bad for our health normally, but several people today realise that it can also guide to pounds obtain.

“Being hydrated increases our metabolic functionality, power, and decreases starvation so there is a strong correlation amongst ingesting more than enough drinking water and essentially losing excess weight.

“If we are dehydrated, there is a signal malfunctioning in our brains which can send out starvation alerts rather than thirst. This suggests we have a tendency to take in more when we are dehydrated to make up for the feeling of thirst.
“As well as this, if you are dehydrated you will truly feel minimal on electrical power and worn out which could stimulate snacking.”

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4. Not obtaining plenty of sleep 

The professional disclosed: “Getting more than enough superior high quality snooze is crucial for keeping physical, psychological and psychological well being. All around seven to nine hrs of snooze for each night is viewed as a adequate total and ample to assist fantastic health and fitness in grownups.

“Sleep deprivation has a multitude of implications. A single of these is bodyweight attain. When we just cannot slumber, our bodies release cortisol – the ‘stress hormone’ which can trigger our bodies to retailer fat reserves ‘just in circumstance. 

“Not only that, when we are pressured or slumber deprived, we call for energy from foodstuff as a alternative hence might discover ourselves snacking and feeding on much more. Additionally, if you are awake and in the kitchen area, there’s a substantial chance you are snacking.”

5. You’re getting muscle instead 

“If you are training regularly, and ingesting a balanced diet which includes food items superior in protein, but your body weight on the scales isn’t going to look to be going down, you may possibly be essentially gaining muscle mass bodyweight,” Dr Sameer discussed. 

“You may possibly recognize your body becoming a lot more toned and more powerful. And, you may possibly truly feel much more assured in your appearance in spite of what it states on the scales.
“The vital factor to remember is it is high-quality to shed body weight as extended as you do it as healthily as doable.”

What you can do 

“If you’re worried that you are struggling to get rid of bodyweight, you can communicate to your GP who can evaluate your standard wellness by measuring your height and body weight to determine your BMI and to assist you determine the bring about of your excess weight obtain,” Dr Sameer explained.
“They will be in a position to seem into if there are any wellness issues relating to your fat attain and assistance put a approach in place.” 

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